Thursday, January 11, 2007

Real Italian Beef Sandwiches ...

Reader Kurt Haug just sent this e-mail to Fast Times columnist Dave Philipps:

Mr. Philipps-

You did a wonderful job of reviewing and reporting on the Chicago Hot Dog (GO 01/05/07). I lived in Chicago briefly in the early eighties and the foods unique to the Windy City are wonderful. However; you did your readers and yourself a disservice with the tasting and review of the Chicago Italian Beef sandwich. You stated you found it a bit bland. That is because you didn’t order it correctly. You had sweet peppers and onions on yours. You should have asked for giardiniera as your garnish. It is a hot pepper relish that really brings this - my personal favorite on the planet - sandwich to life. Since moving to Colorado Springs five years ago I have been on a quest to find the best Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich available. At first I almost gave up hope; but, gradually I began to find a few offerings. I have now found three eateries that make a fair to decent version of this nirvana. Mr. C’s (Second best) being one of those. The other two are the Vienna Station on Manitou (third best) and Billy’s (8th & Hwy 24).

To reiterate; just as the sport peppers on the hotdog are a must have ingredient, I urge you to go back and try the Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich with the correct garnish – giardiniera! And order it “wet”.

I would be pleased to accompany you, if you like, on round two. This sandwich is serious business to those that are initiated. And I haven’t even broached the issue of the correct bread.

Yours in gastronomical pursuit;

Kurt Haug


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try Windy City on the SE corner of Powers and Galley! Best dogs in town and the Italian beef really hits the spot for lunch after drinking too much watching the bears on their way to Super Bowl Victory!

8:24 PM  

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