Tuesday, December 05, 2006

One of the best meals ever!

It was one of those nights when everything came together.

My wife and two sons took me out for a birthday dinner at Plate World Cuisine, the new restaurant by the folks who do Walter's Bistro, and we had the best meals we'd ever had in Colorado Springs.

My wife looked stunning. The kids didn't fight (a miracle!). The setting couldn't have been more elegant and romantic. And the food ... well, it's hard to talk about without my eyes glazing over and my stomach rumbling.

Plate, which is at that shopping center at Briar Village Point that also houses the new Salsa Brava, had only been open two weeks, and this birthday visit was my second time there.

My wife and I had been there during the try-out opening weekend and were blown away.

But the second time was even better. Chef Ryan Blanchard has divided his menu into various countries and regions: Spain, Latin America, France, Italy, Japan, and he has a section he calls New American.

We sampled our way around the world, starting with the politically incorrect French fois gras -- seared and crunchy on the outside, creamy like butter on the inside, and oh, so rich. The miso steak salad was scrumptous as well.

For mains, I went with the Lazy Man Style Lobster, topped with a delicious New England-style cream sauce and served on a bed of mashed potatoes. It was the best lobster I've had in this town.

My wife had the scallops and kobe beef. Perfect.

And the kids shared a plate of paella. They loved it.

We finished up with creme brule (complementary, when they heard it was my birthday) and the dessert sushi, a gorgeous and creative dish served with chocolate chop sticks.

One of the delights of Walter's Bistro has always been visiting with owner Walter Iser. Walter wasn't there this night. But the service was nevertheless outstanding.

Our primary server was Alice, an exhuberant Kate Hudson lookalike, who kept the kids engaged the whole night. (Maybe that's why they didn't fight.) Eli, our oldest, is 14. He asked Alice.

"So, if the food is from all over the world, what about the sodas?"

She didn't miss a beat, and talked about the Coke from Singapore and the Sprite from Spain ... and each time she served a beverage, she referrenced another country. It was fun.

My wife and I had a couple of glasses of house merlot and cab savs ... and were soon in a state of serious culinary bliss.

The bill for the four of us ... and we had little restraint ... was about $200. A couple being more frugal could easily get out of Plate for $75.

Now, here's the frustrating part: Walter and Ryan are struggling to fill their dining room, while nearby chains are handing out the vibrating pagers. What's wrong with this picture?

Please let me know about your favorite ... and least favorite ... local dining experiences.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! That sounds wonderful! Thanks for the referral to "Plate". That sounds like my kind of place. My Dad is coming to visit for his birthday in April and I will be taking him there. It sounds just like his taste.

Another great place to go and where my dad recommended when he was visiting here is, "Macaroni Grill". Fabulous Italian food and the table wine is so good and inexpensive. It is a very romantic place to go with your significant other. Enjoy!

12:54 PM  
Blogger Maria said...

Hi! Here is another great place to go and have a good, inexpensive meal. Moon Star 11 on Powers/Palmer Park in the KMart center is a terrific Chinese Restaurant place with the best steamed dumplings.

I also love Sonterra Grill downtown. They have such unique dishes and the best Margarita ever! Try the Ceviche as an appetizer, it's fantastic.

1:04 PM  

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