Friday, January 26, 2007

Dining critic candidate No. 46

There is something to be said about an eatery that has been around for thirty-one years, still going strong, and still in the family. Trivelli’s, started by mom and pop, is still cranking them out thanks to their two sons, John and Steve. The line of hungry patrons waiting patiently out the door during the lunch hour is a good indicator of what awaits you once inside. The menu is simple – Hoagies, nineteen to be exact which all can be ordered in 6” or 12” sizes. The hoagie rolls are always fresh, and the only way to explain the texture is perfectly chewable. Something about the east coast breads that are impossible to duplicate. (Can we say Jersey hard rolls?) The marinara sauce is a delectable family secret. Very mild and does not overwhelm the deliciously moist and tender meats it engulfs within so you who cannot tolerate tomato sauce, have no fear. They offer a mouthwatering Sausage Grinder which is sweet Italian sausage atop melted provolone cheese ($4.95 for 6” or $9.90 for 12”) The sausage is cooked to perfection and the sandwich is heated so as not to overcook the roll or burn the cheese. (How do they do that?) The Italian hoagie is equally scrumptious. Capacola ham, Genoa salami, provolone cheese, tomato, lettuce, onions, sweet cherry peppers, oil &spices. ($4.75 for 6” $9.50 for 12”) A friend of mine claims the Philly Cheese Steak is the tastiest menu item, thin sliced beef, American cheese and grilled onions. Yummy! Trivelli’s also offers vegetarian fare, chicken selections, and the Philly lite (half the cheese and half the meat).

They do have a chef salad (untried) and side salad with thin sliced lettuce like that on the sandwiches and topped with onion, black olives, and tomatoes. I say stick to the hoagies. You won’t be disappointed. You can wash it all down with a fountain drink or some freshly made sun tea. Friendly service with a smile, good prices, clean prep area and, fun décor (Philadelphia Eagles and Denver Bronco flags along with cute posters claiming non smoking seating area) The posters are especially comical because the seating consists of one table outside (better get there early), Murphy’s bar next door, or a bench at one of the local parks. Parking is available out front and they do deliver within a 3-mile radius. Enjoy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should review the Omelet Parlor next.

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Submission Reviewer said...

Good food descriptives, and adequate atmosphere notes. No mention of location or hours. Pricing information was sketchy, and the menu could have been expanded upon. Writing style was amateurish and difficult to read.

3:57 PM  
Blogger Warren Epstein said...

fyi: that person who calls himself "submission reviewer" isn't associated with The Gazette.

9:06 AM  

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