Thursday, February 01, 2007

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Rudy’s Little Hideaway

Location: 1721 S. Nevada Ave.

Hours: Tue – Sat 6AM – 2PM

Sunday 7AM – 2PM

Closed Monday’s

It’s true, something can be right before your eyes and still be called a hideaway and Rudy’s fits the bill. The 20 seat diner fronts a South Nevada Travelodge Motel, and goes unnoticed by the 100’s of cars passing by each hour. It’s not the easiest place to get into the first time you visit. The entrance is through the parking lot in the back of the restaurant. Don’t be shy, just walk in and seat yourself.

Red and white Christmas lights hang from the ceiling, Mexican rugs cover the walls, and soft Spanish music plays in the background, but even all this can’t hide the rough edges.

Breakfast and eye watering spicy green chili, along with an ever flowing cup of mediocre coffee, are what they are all about. Oh yes, and they serve lunch too.

Breakfast covers all the bases. The standard of eggs, bacon and hash browns cooked to order still come with a hint of grease and run around $4.00. There are half dozen omelets and as many breakfast burritos all priced around $5.00. Rudy’s green chili draws the people in. Hours of simmering ignites the finely diced jalapeño and Anaheim peppers in a pork base. The three ingredients meld together to form a surprisingly light bodied, but authoritative sauce. This chili has a true sense of ethnicity.

The Mexican Burrito ($4.99) is for those who truly enjoy Hot. The burrito bursts at the seams with two scrambled eggs, Chorizo sausage, refried beans, and jalapeno’s. As if that wasn’t hot enough, it’s then covered with a layer of green chili and cheese. Remember to ask for a to-go box. It’s that big.

If you’re looking for a lighter fair try Ron’s Special: an egg, made to order, on a bed of hash browns and covered in green chili. The hash browns are hardy and just crisp enough to stand up against the chili. There won’t be a dent in your wallet at $2.85.

Rudy’s puts a spin on huevos rancheros. The traditional ingredient of eggs, beans and a splash of red chili are all there, but the warmed tortillas are served on the side. If you run out of tortillas just ask for more.

Spicy isn’t for everyone and Rudy’s understands that. They also have a red chili (code for enchilada sauce) that packs its punch with flavor instead of heat. You can substitute the red for green at anytime; or, go ahead and mix the two.

The lunch menu covers everything from tacos to hamburgers to tuna salad (all around $5.00). The Combo Plate ($4.25) consists of a taco, one green chili & cheese enchilada, and one beef & bean burrito; none of which were worth writing home about. In contrast to the breakfast portions, the enchilada and burrito were anemic. The taco shell lost all crispiness as it sat soaking in the green chili used to cover the other items. It is obvious breakfast is their specialty.

Rudy’s 55+ Senior menu serves almost the full assortment of breakfast and lunch items just in smaller portions and a smaller price ($2.50-$3.50).

When it comes time to pay, you’ll either need to speak up or just go to the counter. The locals like to sit and chat so the waitress doesn’t bother them with a ticket. And, with just one visit, you’re already on your way to becoming a regular.

Rudy’s Little Hideaway gets……Hardy and spicy, napkins optional.


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oooh yes Rudy's is my favorite place for breakfast burritos!! The Denver Bronco (egg, potato, onions, green peppers and ham) is the best!

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