Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What the stars mean...

After not having stars (or forks, or martini glasses, or any other symbol to sum up our take on a restaurant) the Gazette is bringing back the old restaurant rating system. Sort of. We'll have 1 to 5 stars. I'm borrowing from the New York Times, but sliding the scale down a little. The Times scale doesn't give a star unless a restaurant is good. In Colorado Springs, few places would earn even one or two stars. So, here is how we will break it down:


* Bad -- Don't go back.

** Good -- Something is redeeming, probably the food, but the menu is inconsistent and the service needs work.

*** Very good -- A considerable achievement. The menu may have a few kinks but the food is consistently thoughtful and good. The restaurant is comfortable and the service is consistent.

**** Excellent -- The food is a step above most things in town. The restaurant sits at the top of it's class. The service, value and ambiance are all exquisite. Very few restaurants manage to achieve this level.

***** Extraordinary -- The menu is luminary. The service is flawless. The whole experience is better than a diner could expect. The few fives star establishments must be inspirations to the local dining scene.


Blogger starvin' marvin said...

I think its odd to have such a new reviewer rewarding stars to restaurants, we barely have an idea of what his taste is compared to ours so to follow his every word and star would be a bit foolish, a written description is good enough

9:43 PM  
Blogger Warren Epstein said...

I'm ambivalent about the stars, Starvin'. I guess I want them in for the non-reader. The knucklehead who's scanning through to find out if the place is any good, but won't take the time to read.

4:09 PM  

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