Monday, March 12, 2007

Antonio's disappoints

I hadn't been to Antonio's for years, and was never much of a fan. But I heard that the owners who took over a couple of years ago made some outstanding changes.

So, I dropped by Sunday night. It was slow, and there was no music, live or otherwise.

I sampled the dipping menu ... you get a bunch of shrimp, steak, chicken (or, all three, as I did) and you dip them into a spicy mango sauce or a jerk sauce, etc.

It was OK, but ultimately more gimmicky than satisfying.

But what really turned me off to Antonio's was the marinara, the backbone of any decent Italian joint. It had absolutely no personality. I've had better from a jar.

To me, no matter what else you do, if you can't get that right, the exercise is pointless.

Please send me your experiences, at Antonio's or elsewhere.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mentioned sending a comment about Antonio's or anywhere else, well here is a letter I wrote to the owners of Cowboy Kitchen in Divide.

Dear Jeff & Debbie Harper,

On March 4, 2007 my son, husband & I stopped at your place and ordered food to go. We made a substantial order which included 2 pounds of pork ribs. Our son was visiting from out of state and we were anxious to find some great B.B.Q. We drove the 50 something miles back to Rush, Colorado before digging into our food. Once home we began to eat our food and discovered a horrible taste and smell on the pork ribs, something like lighter fluid or kerosene, which I called and spoke with you about that very evening.

You made it very clear you would refund the cost of the ribs and even throw in some gift certificates for another visit. It was extremely hard for me to call and make such a complaint, but I felt you would want to know there was something wrong with the meat. I had left all my contact information with your wife and to this day I have not heard from you – was this a simple oversight? I would appreciate hearing from you.

3:34 PM  
Blogger Warren Epstein said...

Bummer about Cowboy Kitchen. I'd heard pretty good things about the place.

4:03 PM  

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