Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Calamari -- beter with or without tentacles

I've been chowing on a lot of different calamaris recently, and I've noticed there are basically two schools of restaurants. Those that will serve the tentacles along with the rings, and those that just serve rings. Rings only definitely has less of and ewwwww factor, but I've got to say, there is something I like about eating a little tentacle. Sure, it tastes the same, but maybe it's a texture thing. In my searching, Plate World Cuisine wins the tentacle contest hands down. I had a whole squid bottom, deep friend, with three sauces to choose from. It was a little over-breaded, but otherwise awesome.

What are some other great calamaris in Colorado Springs?

I like Fuse. I like the Blue Star. Who else?


Blogger Eli the Mad Man said...

I'm with you... a little tentacle tastes good. The wife and I love us some calamari. Coming from the San Francisco Bay Area of California we have a rather high expectation of what it should taste like.

Haven't tried Fuse or Blue Star, but the cali at Phantom Canyon is really good. Doesn't hurt that I'm a beer snob (thus I love PC's beer). We always get that particular appetizer when we go. ;)

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