Monday, April 02, 2007

What's a Taqueria? Tongue is part of it.

A reader just asked a very good question. In a post below, I asked for votes on the best Taqueria in Colorado Springs, and he asked, "what counts as a taqueria."
The lines are blurry. Literally a taqueria means a place for tacos. Practically, I would say it is a small Mexican restaurant with a limited menu that caters to Mexican immigrants, not Gringos.
It will have tacos with various kinds of beef and pork including tripe and cow tongue (I told you it doesn't cater to Gringos.) It may also have things besides tacos, including shrimp cocktail. It is usually in a strip mall, but sometimes in a roving truck. It rarely has a wait staff.A good salsa and toppings bar is a must.
That said, where is the best taqueria in town?


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