Monday, March 12, 2007

Western Omelette raises the ordinary

There are fancier breakfasts in town, to be sure.

But my family had a breakfast on Saturday at Western Omelette at
16 S Walnut St. that was pretty close to the best breakfast I've ever had.

Part of it is I love the meetin'
town atmosphere. You got your bikers and college profs sitting
side-by-side. Walls littered with tomahawks, dream catchers, bike
posters andthe requisite jackolope.

The food is simple. But perfect. Eggs -- exactly as ordered. Bacon -- thick, smoky, on the border of crispy and chewy.
Hash browns -- crunchy on the outside, buttery smooth on the inside and
a pleasant mix of outside on the inside and inside on the outside.

had chicken fried steak with my eggs. It was my dream of chicken fried
steak, a tasty treat that you savor, even as you feel it clogging your


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