Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dining guide is coming!

Our Second Annual GO! Dining Guide will hit the stands on Nov. 21. It'll be more inclusive than last year, with 150 restaurants: fine dining, casual, you name it.

I've put on a few pounds doing research, which ticks me off because Nate and Teresa haven't gained an ounce.

But I don't expect your sympathy. Nobody feels bad for you when you SIMPLY MUST go out to eat every night.

Still, consider this: We ate at a lot of bad places so you don't have to.

The really bad restaurants won't make the guide. The restaurants in the guide are all places we recommend.


Not all of these places are perfect. Consider Jake & Telly's or Amanda's Fonda. Order on the low end of those menus and you'll get simply average gyros and tacos. Go for the chef specialties, which can be a bit pricey, and you'll be glad you splurged.

And speaking of splurging ... how about that Perose Room at The Broadmoor!

Five diamonds from AAA is quite a feat. I believe it will be the first restaurant in the Rocky Mountain region to ever get AAA's highest grade.

Consider: No restaurants in Aspen. None in Santa Fe.

But we have one right here in Colorado Springs. That's really a phenomenal thing.

Nate and his family went to The Penrose Room a couple of months ago and his meal was outstanding and flawless.

My only concern is that getting the five diamonds will encourage The Broadmoor to jack up the prices so high none of us mortals will ever be able to eat there when we're not on an expense account.

Of course you'll find The Penrose Room and plenty of other fabulous spots in our GO! Dining Guide.

Let me know what you think about it.

By the way, here are some reader comments on The Penrose Room story today.

Too bad our community cannot strive for excellence like the Broadmoor and improve the living conditions. I sure the fat cats will love this overpriced restaurant while thousands go to community pantries and soup kitchens. Woo Hoo for the Broadmoor, bring us some real news.

John Boy - Nov 07, 2007 08:07:19 AM Remove Comment

Timing-wise, if The Broadmoor were truly integrated with the community, they would have worked with The Gazette to have Teresa Farney announce it in The Gazette. Teresa has consistently been a champion of the work of local chefs. The Broadmoor has always been conflicted over whether they are part of The Springs or whether they just happen to be inconveniently surrounded by The Springs.

Gastronomer - Nov 07, 2007 07:08:22 AM Remove Comment

The Broadmoor gets more publicity and they will use it to justify asking Colorado Springs for a MILLION dollars to subsidize the seniors golf tournament next summer.

gw - Nov 07, 2007 06:28:23 AM Remove Comment

wow, quite a feather in our town's cap. hopefully we can get another one in the near future.

town crier - Nov 07, 2007 04:53:57 AM Remove Comment

Wow. I sure wish I could afford that 5 diamond cookin'.

millersinpockets - Nov 07, 2007 01:48:18 AM Remove Comment

So, the Broadmoor has scheduled the announcement for Thursday. Guess that the Gazette has stolen the thunder from that announcement by putting the news in the paper ahead of time, eh? Good going Gazette, nothing like deflating the pomp and circumstance.

Merlot Maiden - Nov 06, 2007 11:20:29 PM Remove Comment

Congratulations. We have dined there and it is truly remarkable. The chocolate souffle for dessert is heavenly. Me and my wife like to go there for our anniversary, what a treat it is.

Way to go - Nov 06, 2007 09:16:58 PM Remove Comment


Blogger . . . said...

LOVED the dining guide! i was so excited to see it in the paper the other day. =)

7:16 AM  
Blogger Warren Epstein said...

I'm glad you loved it! Thanks!

1:37 PM  

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