Monday, November 26, 2007

Reason to stop in Ames, Iowa

I have this habit of structuring all my driving trips around food. When we go to visit the inlaws in Iowa, I usually like to go through Kansas City so I can stop at Jack Stack (a place that inspired and helped Randy Price get Slayton's going.)

But this Thanksgiving, we took the northern route through Nebraska and figured the food would be ho-hum... until we discovered the phenomenal eatery, The Cafe in Ames, Iowa.

I had a beef brisket with cheese sandwich that may be the best sandwich I ever had. Manchego and asiago cheeses blended perfectly with the grilled onions and tender beef. My youngest son had a grilled cheese that was filled with apple slices and cheddar. Mmmm.

I'd go way out of my way for this place.


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