Thursday, December 14, 2006

Comfort food

The more crazy things get before the holidays, the more we find ourselves eating out.

Lately, I've had some good meals at The Stagecoach, The Mason Jar and Chopsticks Asian Bistro.

The Stagecoach: The move to make this more family-friendly, less upscale, means this is a place for mid-range comfort food. The prime rib is OK, but not exceptional. The fish 'n chips are good, and so is the roast pork. This is the kind of place we'd take the inlaws from Iowa, who always want to stop at the Black Eyed Pea.

The Mason Jar: I like the recent remodel to be less country kitch, more Colorado lodge. Like the Stagecoach, this isn't fancy. It's a place to go when you don't feel like cooking. The stuffed pepper soup and the vegetable soups were nice and homey, and the fried shrimp was good. Avoid the prime rib. Comparing it to shoe leather is an insult to shoe leather.

Chopsticks Asian Bistro: I love this place and the vivacious owner. I usually stick to the basil shrimp here. But I tried the sauteed triple, with shrimp, beef and chicken. ... a wonderful choice, with a rich, slightly spicy sauce. Also really enjoy the green tea ice cream. Soothing and subtle.



Anonymous Monika said...


Had to let you know Daryl and I had lunch at Plate Wed. and it was wonderful, I can't wait to go back for dinner. He had the Kobe Burger ($8) and I had the Jumbo Scallops over Lobster succotash ($11), everything was wonderful. The service was great and the Manager made sure our meal was perfect, and that in the midst of a lunch rush and being down one server.

I checked out the dinner menu and not only is it exciting and varied, I couldn't believe the reasonable prices.

We are thrilled to find a locally owned restaurant on the north side of town, that is both warm and beautiful.

Thanks for the tip.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Corgi mom said...

Hi Warren and all,
As we get fired up for the holidays, our family enjoys the occasional 'dress up' outing. Our recommendation is Walter's, out by Cheyenne Mountain Resort.

It's a splurge, but service and attentiveness are considerate and thoughtful.

The food is absolutely delicious! This is one of the very few restaurants where I don't settle on a favorite item and stick with it. The menu is, for my level of adventure, wonderful.

Well worth the indulgence and one place I can count on consistent quality. A great place to drop off a chunk of my holiday bonus check. :)

3:18 PM  
Blogger Nancy Reinking said...

Dear Warren,
The Gazette's Dining Guide came to me right before my birthday, so I perused the restaurants and "reviews" carefully before chosing The Stagecoach Inn for our family dinner. I chose it because it is locally owned by the folks who run The Cliff House, which I consider an outstanding restaurant and bed and breakfast, and the D.G. highly recommended it. It was a decision me and my family all regretted. Before we ordered I heard a man at another table complain to his waitress that his ribs were gristly and unacceptable. She happily replaced them, but he still wasn't pleased and left. We started our meal with their famous rocky mountain oysters, which were pretty good, especially when another server offered up the cocktail sauce for dipping. I ordered the fried chicken dinner, my kids had the fish and chips and my husband ordered the pheasant chowder and fried shrimp. The biscuits they serve there are crumbly to falling apart and have virtually no taste. My chicken was quite good, as were the sauteed vegetables, but the mashed potatoes seemed completly artificial. The ones at the Golden Chorral actually taste better. My husband said his chowder tasted like it came directly out of a Campbell's soup can and the shrimp was overly coated and greasy. The kids liked their fish and chips, but for the cost of this meal, I should have gone with a chain restaurant. I appreciated the review on this blog that said this place is a good one to take relatives from Iowa who like the Black-Eyed Pea. That told me more about this place than the Dining Guide, which I now look on with distrust.

9:25 AM  

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