Friday, June 01, 2007

Cubano magnifico

I lived in Tampa for 12 years on a steady diet of Cuban food, most of it from the streets of the nearby cigar town of Ybor City.
I was thrilled when a new Cuban place opened recently.
Cubanacan has all the great stuff I was missing: Cuban sandwiches, chicken in yellow rice, picadillo ...
Unfortunately, during our first visit, the waitress didn't tell us about the lunch specials for $6.99. The sandwiches are about $8 for lunch. They're huge, but still...
Entrees mostly run over $12, so I was suffering some pretty heavy sticker shock.
Even with the lunch specials, I think Cubanacan is too pricey, especially for its location at 208 N. Union Blvd. next to the Burger King.
Don't get me wrong. The food is good. We liked just about everything we tried, especially the chicken in yellow rice.
But I hate it when lunch for two costs more than $20.
Am I just a cheap SOB or what?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes... I am from Miami and It took a while to get my food but it was worth the wait. I am happy I don't have to drive all the way to Cuba Cuba in Denver and have to spend all that gas and pay $100 for dinner for two. I think if you want to pay under $20 then maybe you should go to the burger king next door.

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well anonymous, not every one can afford to spend $60 everyday just on food....and this person is at least trying to stay healthy. Which america needs more..

6:29 PM  

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