Monday, February 25, 2008

Chef's Gala steps it up

The Chef's Gala, the top culinary event of the year, brought up the quality in just about every category Sunday, emphasizing comfort food like braised meats.

The chefs at The Cliff House walked away with the Best of Show. Their buffalo chop with lobster ravioli was outstanding.

The competitors represented some of the top chefs in town, with some notable exceptions. I didn't see Plate World Cuisine, The Broadmoor's Penrose Room or Summit, The Famous. Also, the retirement places, which usually do fairly well, were conspicuously absent this year.

Some surprises for me: Jake & Telly's spicy tuna surimi (they do a lot more than Greek!), English Dockside's amazing clam chowder, the Antler's light and tangy Tropical Snowflake cake.

Teresa will have lots of details and recipes in her column on Wednesday.


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