Friday, April 04, 2008

Word from the Cabal

The Best of the Springs voting wraps up in a few minutes, and we'll have the most reader participation ever. ... I think we'll have about 2,000 votes. We had a few people comment that they miss the printed version of the ballot, but I feel a lot better about the online version being able to police ballot stuffing. Only one vote from one email address has been allowed.

The Independent had a funny cheap shot at us in Thursday's Annual Manual, which "repurposes" their Best Of content. The Independent has had a tradition, as we have, of doing both staff picks and reader ballot choices. This year, they dropped their staff picks. Now, they're hyping their Best Of as the one with picks by readers, not a "cabal of editors."

I think both staff and expert picks have their place. In defense of staff picks: when you're looking for a movie to see during the weekend, do you look at reviews or the biggest line? Our "cabal" can be useful.

Anyway, thanks to everybody who voted. The Best Of the Springs issue will hit the stands (and the driveways) on May 16.


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