Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Asian Garden offers dinner buffet

Asian Garden, at 1747 S. 8th St., has started offering what I believe is the town's first Indian dinner buffet. It's $13.99. I was impressed. It had Lamb Vindaloo, Sweet Potato Masala and the usual chicken tikka masala, saag paneer and other typical lunch-time fare.

It's smart because most Americans are most comfortable exploring other culture's cuisines on a buffet. You can see what you're going to eat.

Some things fare better on a buffet than others. I'd like, for instance, to see some seafood on the buffet, but that's harder to maintain than the other meats they're using.

Nate, our restaurant critic, had a bad dish here (shrimp tandoori), but I've been there several times and never had a bad meal. I feel that it's in the running for Best Indian in our Best of the Springs (although I know it's food is mostly Tibetan and Nepali.) But it has some fierce competition.


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