Monday, April 14, 2008

Jake takes on House of Saigon

Jacob Legg

This last Saturday my family and I went out and had lunch at The House of Saigon on 21st Street. The place wasn’t busy and so the owner of the restaurant had lots of time to visit with us while we ate.
I thought the service was great. I had Shrimp Lo Mein with an egg roll and sweet and sour sauce. My sisters had Chicken Lo Mein with an egg roll also. My mom and dad had noodle bowls with chicken, beef, shrimp, and an egg roll with all kinds of vegetables and fresh mint mixed in with the noodles. We all drank hot green tea and ice water. We all loved the food because it was fresh, well cooked, and delicious. As we ate, the owner talked to us about Vietnam, the United States and his restaurant.
The dining room was very clean, and bright and cheerful. I learned how to eat with chopsticks, and at the end of the lunch I got a fortune cookie with my lucky numbers in it.


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