Monday, June 02, 2008

Downtown buffet

I did the Sunday on the Town this week ... and, man, am I full?

Highlights: Bacon-wrapped steak (and great opera) at The Famous, the seafood spread at MacKenzie's, the fish tacos at Nosh, the humus at Heart of Jerusalem, the seared scallops at Sonterra.

Not only does this raise money for the always ailing Colorado Springs Philharmonic, it also introduces a wider audience to downtown dining. And this weekend, it distinguished itself quite well.


Anonymous Stephanie Cardwell said...

A group of seven of us went Sunday, the third year we have gone. Some of the offerings were good - the bacon wrapped beef filet with french fries at The Famous and the scallops from Sonterra Grill were the highlights. (I did not go to MacKenzie's,but heard from friends that it was the best.) You mentioned Nosh - not something I would recommend. Half a broken taco shell with some tiny shrimp in a watery sauce?? Others were completely disappointing, some were inedible. I realize the restaurants are under great stress, but not putting their best on display is very much counter productive. If you can't/won't give your best, then you are better off not doing it at all.

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