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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Briarhurst Manor Estate

My experience was unpleasant and I would not recommend anyone to go to this over price eating establishment. The house and the atmosphere were breath taking, the staff was unprofessional and for the price of the food, I expected better. When the waitress took our order, we were not asked if we would like any soup or salad. We had to ask for bread to be brought to our table. I ordered the Steak Diane and I requested my tenderloins to be well done, well, it was well done and not to mention extremely burnt and over cooked. I informed the waitress of my dissatisfaction and she brought me another meal, nearly 15 minutes later. I have to say the second meal was much better. My glass that I was drinking water out of was chipped and the waitress did replace it, however, with another chipped glass. To top it off, we also had to request to see the dessert menu. Our waitress was extremely slow; another lady at a different table that was dining had her plate in front of her for so long that she had to request that her plate be removed. Once we had finished our meal, it took nearly 20 minutes to get our bill; the waitress was no were to be found. This was not an elegant evening that we had hoped for and I would have to say I think our race might have been a factor because from the moment we arrived the service went down the hill.

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Anonymous Palapas Surfside Restaurant said...

OK, thanks for info =)

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