Thursday, May 17, 2007


I hate when this happens, but it's inevitable. Our critic Nate Glen pans San Jose Family Restaurant, one of my favorite restaurants in Friday's paper.

A few years ago, our former critic Tom Karpel trashed Paravicini's, the best Italian place in town.

What's an editor to do?

If I fired critics with whom I disagree, I'd got through them every week.

And the fact is, I still respect Nate, and my opinion of him as a critic hasn't diminished in the least.

Part of the problem here is that taste is subjective, and Mexican food can bring people to major feuds.

But the other thing is that I don't order the same as he does. I'm a bit lactose intolerant, so I avoid dishes smothered in cheese -- and I'm convinced that cheese is the main offending ingredient at San Jose. Tom Karpel had the same problem with sister restaurant Las Palmitas, which I love.

I went for the Mexican-style scampi and the Mexican seafood stews. They're wonderful.

And we all agree the service is good.

Tell us what you think? Is San Jose, as I believe, one of the best Mexican places in town, or is it, as our critic believes, one of the worst?

Monday, May 14, 2007

The new Jose

Jose Muldoons reopened Friday, after a two-month remodel. It looks very cool. Although I've never been a fan of the faux cracked stucco Mexican restaurant cliche, which is now used in the front room, the back rooms are much more open and bright, with fireplaces everywhere and a beautifully expanded patio.

It will continue to rock at happy hour.

My issue with Jose's has been one of value. You go for lunch, you spend over $10, and I've usually felt I could get better lunches for under $7 at Salsa Latina or El Taco Rey.

But there may be indications that the food has been upgraded as well. Gazette food editor Teresa Farney had a mango chicken salad that was dynamite. I had a chimi, smothered with green chili, and it was better than I'd remembered last time I ate here.

I'm interested to see what Nate, our critic thinks.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Show Longo's the love

Today in the Gazette we reviewed Nana Longo's a great Italian lunch spot with a Pueblo accent. Which begs the question: where are the great Italian places in Pueblo. I don't know any of them. Suggestions?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I tried to go to the Soup Man for lunch yesterday. The restaurant that inspired the "Seinfeld" "Soup Nazi" episode has been expanded into a national chain, and the soup fans are lining up.

I arrived just before noon and the line stretched back farther than I could see. With limited seating, I saw my chances of getting soup and a place to eat it as being slim.

No soup for me!

But I snuck back on the way home and picked up a bunch of soup for the family, and only encounted one Nazi-like experience. I began to order off the menu board, but was (gently) told that I should order off the actual pots, which are things they had in stock, so to speak.

I went for chili, black bean, split pea and ham and chicken with vegetables.

Oh, momma! Now, I know why Elaine had that look of ecstasy on her face when she tried the soup. Each had such wonderful flavors and different personalities.

I took them home and we all took turns sampling the different soups. I'll be back. I just hope I'm holding my tray in the right position when I get to the checkout.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Falafel king

The region's first falafel stand has opened in Manitou.

I stopped by the Heart of Jerusalem Cafe on Saturday and had a great sandwich for $5.

I loved that behind the order window, I could see what seemed to be most of the Abukhdeir family.

The young boy Ameer, who almost accidentally charged me $500 for my sandwich, was charming. He asked if I would put his name in the paper. (Hey, Ameer, at least it's on the blog.)

The food was great. I'd say it was spiced with the American Dream, but I'd certainly have my poetic license revoked.